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Kilcock Community Garden

Welcome to the Kilcock Community Garden!

We were born in the summer of 2020, inspired by Rathcoffey Zero Waste garden and a desire for the following:

  • To use the principles of permaculture to create an harmonious environment of people and families of all ages and abilities living with nature and growing our own food.

  • To educate and build skills for the local community

  • To build resilience in case of food shortages

  • To encourage biodiversity



Herb Bed

The circular herb bed has already yielded a selection of mint, camomile, thyme, rosemary, sage, oregano, lemon balm, parsley, chives, watercress and fennel.


Vegetable Garden

The Vegetable Garden was created using the "No-Dig" method, which encourages soil full of beneficial organisms and microbes, and which has less need to recover with weed growth.



The Garden has produced harvests of broccoli, rocket, spring onions, radish, lettuce, strawberries, and more.


Bug Hotel

The bug hotel invites a host of beneficial insects. This diverse environment helps plants through increased pollination, and also welcomes many other creatures into the ecosystem, such ladybirds and lacewings, which eat aphids and greenflies.



We built a community composter with separate leaf compost area. Leaf compost, for example, is a mineral-rich organic matter that provides a fertile soil for healthy plant growth.



We installed an IBC container for water and to collect our own rainwater to water our beds when needed. We are grateful for the support of our neighbours who keep the tank topped up.


Pollinator-Friendly Flower Bed

We created a flower bed with pollinator-friendly flowers like sunflowers and foxgloves to encourage pollinators and create a beautiful garden for passers-by.


“Managed by Wildlife”

We left an area to become a pollinator -friendly patch "Managed by Wilidlife"


Trees and Fruit Bushes

We've planted a selection of native Irish trees and an orchard of apple and cherry trees. We've also planted some raspberry, blackcurrant and gooseberry bushes.

Visions for the Garden

  • Market – sell produce from garden, a community Co-op

  • Installation of wheelchair accessible raised bed area

  • Seed library

  • Installation of a small greenhouse

  • Installation of a tool storage area,

  • Further development of children's play area, maybe a sensory garden

  • Run workshops

Visions for Kilcock

  • Could have lots of community gardens around Kilcock, one in every estate if residents approve

  • Create ‘a gardens walk’, Garden walk – from garden to garden and map, could become a tourist attraction, local community activities – doing the gardens walk, run, child friendly, educational. Maps and signage showing distance to next garden. Link to the Slí na Sláinte walk.

  • Orchards – in every estate

  • Greening of the town – Have much more planting and greenery in the town, including rooftop and vertical gardens – check out resources on urban greening

How do I get involved?

Come along on a Saturday afternoon at around 4pm and approach any one of us for a chat.

You don't need any experience or special knowledge (though that's welcome too)! We are all learning here. We can give you tasks to start off with and you can build your knowledge with us as you go along. And we are fortunate to have some experienced horticulturalists and permaculture experts in our group who we can all learn from.

The Team

Many people are involved in the Garden at various times throughout the year. We are particularly indebted to Fionnuala, Ursula and Mario for their leadership, guidance and expertise. And some of the regulars who happened to be there for the photo are below!



The Garden is located on a triangle of land at the end of Bridge Street, between the roundabout and the Athletic Club track.

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