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Highlights from the Open Day

The Kilcock Community Open Day was a family day of nature, music, science and local history.

Ann giving a tour of  the garden
Ann giving a tour of the garden

We gave some garden tours to show everyone what we'd been up to over the last year.

For more on the tour of the garden, visit here.

Memorial Plaque

The Teresa Brayton Heritage Group unveiled their memorial plaque in honour of all those in this area who lost their lives in the struggle for independence and they gave us a little talk on Teresa Brayton. the poet who was born in Kilcock and on life in Kilcock during the War of Independence.

They have also sponsored a pear tree in our fruit forest.

You can find out more about this heritage group here:

Bugs and Biodiversity

Ursula gave a "bugs and biodiversity" workshop for the children

Decorating Horseshoes and Poi Spinning

The children also had fun decorating horseshoes and poi-spinning.

Beautiful Music

Yaneli, Oscar and family played music and sang beautifully for us. I hope they will do so many times in future. You can find out more about their music here:

Yaneli, Oscar and family with harp and flutes

Moths to a Flame

Finally, we had an exhibition of moths we have made that will be sent to an art installation at COP26 in Glasgow. This is to draw attention to the urgent need for action on the Climate Emergency. You can find out more about this at

Moths to a Flame Exhibition for Climate Change action

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