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Tidy Towns 

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Community group committed to improving and maintaining the environment of Kilcock

Working with our community

Working with our community for our town and our future is what we are about.

We would like to ask you to join us in whatever way you can.

Explore our site and see how you can get involved

 Get in contact with your ideas

Advise us of your issues

 Let's work together to make Kilcock a great community with a great environment.

 Let's be a community that works together to improve our environment, help biodiversity recovery and promote initiatives to fight climate change!

Red Flowers

We are involved in many actions in support of biodiversity recovery and sustainability. Taking local action can make a big difference

Kilcock is a growing town and your Tidy Towns group needs to grow also to do all the things that keep your town a great place to live

For Your Town


Why Join Us?

Joining us as a regular volunteer, committee member or just on an occasional basis is a great way to make friends, do something rewarding and make a difference to yourself and your community. Learn new skills, enjoy being a valued member of your community

For The Planet 

For You

Red Flowers

Community Garden

The community garden is all about coming together, building community and community resilience, learning skills, having fun and growing food to share. As we face climate breakdown, the importance of a community garden is growing. Improve your skills and help our your community in the Kilcock Community Garden!


Contact Us |  Tel: 087 284 8409

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